NVIDIA officially released the UK’s strongest supercomputer "Cambridge One"

On July 7th, NVIDIA announced that it has officially launched the UKs strongest supercomputer "Cambridge-1" (Cambridge One), which is mainly used for medical and health research in the United Kingdom. This is also the first dedicated computer that NVIDIA has contributed to the UK. Supercomputing for advanced scientific research.

It is reported that "Cambridge-1" is based on the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD supercomputing system solution, including 80 sets of DGX A100 computing systems, each node has eight A100 computing cards based on the top score of the Ampere architecture, and two AMD Xiaolong 7742 64 cores. Processor, a total of 640 computing cards (4423680 cores), 160 processors (10240 cores).

In addition, the supercomputer also uses the NVIDIA Bluefield-2 DPU data processing unit, NVIDIA HDR InfiniBand high-speed network. It can provide 8PFlops (8 petaflops per second) Linpack floating-point performance, 400PFlops (4 petaflops per second) AI performance, the official claim can be ranked in the top 50 in the world, it should be said that continuous performance.

It is worth mentioning that the supercomputer uses 100% renewable energy, and the Green500 green supercomputer ranks among the top three. For this super-calculation, NVIDIA has invested 100 million US dollars. According to a report by Frontier Economics, an economic consulting firm, "Cambridge-1" can bring about $825 million in return in value over the next 10 years.

The supercomputer system is placed in a facility operated by Nvidias partner Kao Data. It is Nvidias first supercomputer dedicated to advancing research on specific industries in the UK. Nvidia also plans to establish an AI center in Cambridge to build a new supercomputer based on the Arm architecture to support the development needs of more industries in the UK.